24 mad libs

What the fuck is the problem with 24? Can’t they go one season without killing a major character, murdering thousands of people, or finding conflicts at exactly the end of every hour of the day? How many TV Americans have to die for my entertainment? More and more are dying each day. Act now to stop it! Only you can prevent fictionalized death.

It’s like the Rolling Stones and their hit songs; 24 found a perfect formula for a TV crack. But thanks to themeat.org’s research labs, we’ve cracked their formula. Now anybody can make their own season of 24. This bit of text should cover your first four or five episodes.

A terrorist group from ___________ has obtained a place __________ ___________ ___________ that they will a number adjective plural noun use to terrorize the American ___________. The plural noun only _________ who can ________ everyone from this noun verb is ______________ Bauer. ___________ has years of a first name same name training as a _________ and can use ___________ with noun plural noun lethal accuracy. Only after the government ___________ adjective unit foils the ________ do they learn the enemy really noun has __________ ___________ ___________ and that their a number adjective plural noun real plan is to _________ ___________ _____________. verb adjective plural noun President ________ is in for a long __________ hours. a name a number

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