To all would-be comment spammers

Go somewhere else!

I got my first comment spam last week! I’m so excited! It means my web site has now passed from just some random pages to one that people actually care about enough to use to their own advantage. You call it annoying, but I call it progress.

So to all you comment spammers out there, I highly recommend you don’t try it. I offer the following:

  • All links in comments use rel=”nofollow” and all comment pages plus my comment RSS feed are in my robots.txt file to prevent search engines from counting the links in page ranking.
  • All HTML tags are removed from comments. Too bad.
  • I have filters and I’m not afraid to use them.
  • The only people you’re pissing off are the scarce numbers of readers I have. In other words, you’re not reaching a big audience.
  • Comments like “Your site colors suck!” don’t mean shit to me, and the other readers of this site know that already.

Don’t bother to spam here. Seriously. It’s not worth the time — yours or mine.

Also for the record, I’ve tried very hard to make this site more compliant with accepted practices for blind and low vision readers. Hopefully this hasn’t created any readability or navigation issues as a result. I know the photo pages still need some work, but otherwise the site should be much better than it was before.

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