Meez – Item Search

One of the most requested features on was item search — often phrased as “Where are shoes for my Meez?” or “You need to make really long hairdos,” by our users. We had most of those items, but people had a hard time finding them. A search system was the answer — let people search the catalog for whatever they want, plus we could see their searches to guide new item production.

I designed the metadata entry changes needed to make the search useful. I also designed the UI for how it would appear in the Meezmaker and managed the art team in producing the banners that appear next to the search box. There were lots of moving parts, but in the end it shipped on time and gave us great insights to the items people wanted for their Meez.

Pictured here are mockups I made of the search UI on and the backend tool changes for adding keyword metadata to our avatar assets and theme categories.