Meez – Friendster Cobrand

After Meez sealed the deal to become Friendster’s provider for games and avatars, I managed our relationship with Friendster. This involved designing the Meez experience on Friendster, overseeing the technical integration, communicating with Friendster management, and all the other details of getting our product launched. Built on the Friendster widget API, the Meez/Friendster cobrand is one of the top 5 most popular widgets on Friendster. Friendster brings in about 20% of all visitors to

The Friendster experience I designed is a slimmed down experience. It retains the avatar creation process, but after saving your Meez appears on your Friendster profile page. When added games, I modified the Friendster experience to include links to the games pages in the header and an upsell to the games pages after saving a Meez.

Here are a few mockups and flowcharts I made as part of the Friendster cobrand designs. You can view the Meez widget on Friendster right now.